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Online Breastfeeding Courses for Pregnancy, Parents & Professionals

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A course for Expectant and Brand New Parents.

The concept of breastfeeding feels a little bit foreign when you haven't done it before. Right now I know that you're focusing on the birth of your baby, but I've learnt both through personal experience and from working with thousands of new families, that breastfeeding can come as a bit of a surprise. This course aims to equip you with both knowledge and confidence to enable you to thrive and not just survive in those early days and weeks of parenthood.

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Training for Professionals

Online Mindful Breastfeeding training for peri-natal specialists. 

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What is Mindful Breastfeeding?

Using Mindfulness-based tools and techniques alongside lactation support, Mindful Breastfeeding helps parents to breastfeed in a way that works for them and their baby -creating strong early connections and a more relaxed, calm and fulfilling early parenting experience


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