Train in Mindfulness-based Lactation Support & Education

That Prioritises Calm & Connection for All  You Work With

We train heart-led, community-minded lactation supporters and health professionals

Who want to enhance their practice by putting emotional wellbeing at the centre of what they do. 

Using Mindfulness, relaxation and wellbeing teaching and techniques, we support clients in a different way and help you to create new practices and services for your clients.

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Breastfeeding & Chestfeeding Support can be very outcomes focussed

Yes we want to support the infant feeding goals of our clients, but whether they meet them or not there are ALWAYS emotional twists and turns on the way. 
Mindful Breastfeeding offers simple tools to parents that support their emotional wellbeing, meaning that they feel more holistically supported and you feel satisfied in your role whatever the outcome.

Reduces Stress, Promotes Connection & Impacts Milk flow

We all want to help the families we support as best we can, and  stressed-out, overwhelmed parents is something we see a lot. As well as supporting calm and connection, Mindful Breastfeeding makes a physiological impact too. 

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Sometimes practical breastfeeding support alone just doesn't cut it

Do you frequently work with

  • Client's who's experience is impacted by stress & anxiety?
  • Clients who's lack of confidence is the biggest factor in reaching their breastfeeding/chestfeeding goals?
  • Client's who are constantly googling and worrying and don't trust their own instincts?
  • Clients who struggle to relax and enjoy their baby


What if things could be different?

How beautiful would it be if the parents you worked with had quick an easy tools to manage their stress & emotions?

Leading to more calm and connecting feeds, a better relationship with their baby and in turn a more fulfilling experience

How beautiful would it be if parents had a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and it's affect on lactation?

Teach courses and offer support that centres around the nervous system, breastfeeding neuro-science and emotional wellbeing

How beautiful would it be if parents felt more connected to their baby, loved ones and themselves?

Leaving them to be able to navigate their own path with confidence and with the knowledge and self-compassion that will support them for the rest of their parenting lives.


How Does It Work?

Online Education

Video-class online education that gives you all the knowledge & resources you need to become a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner 

All you need to start

your own Mindful Breastfeeding services and classes. 
Teaching plans,  MP3s, Printable worksheets and much much more

Ongoing Support

Weekly support sessions throughout the course and ongoing community support for as long as you're a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner. 

What do others say?


"Thanks to Anna for her inspirational, informative and valuable Mindful Breastfeeding course. If you haven't yet tried it, do investigate further."


"I wanted to let you know personally how positive the whole experience has been for me and for the parents I work with. They absolutely loved the mindful breastfeeding approach- it was just what they needed. It’s lovely for me to see how far they have come over the last month."

"Honestly some of the best training I've done... I use it so much already!"

Meet Your Facilitator

Anna Le Grange BSc, IBCLC, RN


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Investment Options

We have 2 ways to pay for the course. This is an introductory offer whilst we continue to add to the course content.

Pay in Full


Save over £100

6 modules of Video Lessons

Workbooks to Deepen Learning

A Private Online Community Group

Weekly Support Sessions

Resources to Start Your New Services

Work at Your Own Pace

Lifetime Access to the course


Payment Plan



6 modules of Video Lessons

Workbooks to Deepen Learning

A Private Online Community Group

Weekly Support Sessions

Resources to Start Your New Services

Work at Your Own Pace

Lifetime Access to the course


Frequently Asked Questions

If you study for 2 hours a week, the course will take you around 12 weeks to complete. 
It's up to you whether you want to study at a faster or slower pace than that. 

This is an introductory offer for those who want to be the first few to access the new programme. 
This means that between 19th April and 1st of July 2022, we will be adding new sections to the course. 

Don't worry, you have plenty to be getting on with. The first 2 sections are ready for you to start and we aim to add each new "Element" (module) every 2 weeks. 

Yes, all live sessions are recorded and kept in the group for 2 weeks for you to watch when you can. 

It will be. 

We currently have people going through the content so that we can apply for accreditation with IBLCE and we will also be applying for accreditation via Think Tree Hub who are the professional association that have  be working with for the last 2 years. 

Accreditation will be backdated to include anyone who has studied on the course from today onwards.

Yes! You get both.

Once you have completed your homework, you will be sent your certificate and will be registered with us as a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner. 

You renew your registration every 2 years. 

Practitioners are added to our directory which is available to the general public. 

Each "Element" (Module) has an assessment at the end. 

This may be a book review (recorded in any format), online quiz, reflection or case studies. 

Completing the course and starting your work as a practitioner is a priority to us so we will support you with your homework as you go along. 

Yes! We love helping people get started in breastfeeding support. 

It's why we created our Mindful Breastfeeding Foundations Course. 

This is a 6 week online course and runs twice a year (Autumn and Spring). Once you have finished the 6 week course you will automatically be placed onto Mindful Breastfeeding Programme. 

To book your place on the foundations course  please book a call with Anna. 

If you have more questions

I am available to chat about the course if you have more questions about leaning with is. Book a time that suits you below.

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