What is Mindful Breastfeeding?

Without exception every Parent that I see for lactation support is struggling with their emotions. Pretty understandable, I’m sure you’d agree.

When breastfeeding isn’t going well then it’s stressful and disheartening, for some it feels devastating. They feel like they’re unable to do one of the most natural things in the world. Babies needs to feed, grow and develop and parents feel a huge amount of responsibility for this teeny tiny person that they’ve created.

But what many parents don’t know is that those emotions, the stress, anxiety and fear, directly affect how breastfeeding works and how you connect with your baby.  Here’s why:

It’s the love hormone that makes us ( and our baby) feel all good inside. As well as flowing freely when there’s super-good vibes around it also has several ejection functions. When it comes to breastfeeding it allows our body to let-down milk from the storage sacks to your milk...

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